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Courses Offer (PhD / Doctorate Programmes)

Doctorate in Management

Achieve the holy grail of management: get your doctorate in management. This 3 year applied Doctorate degree in management and leadership research with a focus in organizational management

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Doctor of Philosophy (Arts and Design) (ODL)
Arts, Design and Architecture is a group of disciplines that enables students to combine creativity and design principles, theories, and methods in order to create a safer, more beautiful, and functional world.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (ODL)
A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the highest level of academic qualification one can achieve. This qualification sets you apart as having developed an exhaustive understanding of your selected focus area.

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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
The Doctor in Business Administration (DBA) – Online programme is aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs and business associates to have high competence in the business.
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PhD in Education
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education offers students the opportunity to make a mark by contributing to existing knowledge with their own thoughts and angle of interpreting findings in a new light.
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